God and Business Today is my weekly podcast dedicated to exploring the role of God, faith and prayer in the lives of entrepreneurs, business owners and experts from around the world.

My goal is to inspire you to invite God into your business life so you can make a difference and a living doing what God has called you to do.

Check out the interviews below and listen in!

Podcast Archive
# Title Released
019 How to Receive Revelation for Your Business with Mechanical Engineer Ron Derrick 11/08/2017
018 Sanctified Ambition and How We Can Be Motivated By What Really Matters with Author Arvell Craig 10/24/2017
017 Embrace Your Inner Millionaire with OverFlow Coach Monique Caradine 10/06/2017
016 The Divine Drive to Build a Business as a Calling with Mentor and Consultant Tony Bass 09/17/2017
015 Aligning Your Faith, Finances and Purpose with Financial Deliverance Coach Stephen De Silva 09/01/2017
014 Healing Music Mends Our Brokenness with Singer-Songwriter Kathi Wilson 08/18/2017
013 The Divine Calling of Coaching – How to Do What You Are and Live Your Purpose with Dr. Anita Schamber 08/04/2017
012 D.I.S.C.O.V.E.R. the Secrets to Building Effective Teams with Consultant John Boyd 07/14/2017
011 Working Together in Partnership with God with Mompreneur Crystal Obey 07/08/2017
010 Social Media Matters and More with Expert Marketer Heather Heuman 06/16/2017
009 Building a Business as a Ministry with Skate Park Owner Kim D’Arezzo 06/02/2017
008 Living the Golden Rule in Business with Realtor Randy Dix 05/28/2017
007 Viewing Convicted Criminals as Children of God with Forensic Psychologist Jason Frizzell 05/21/2017
006 Developing an Abundance Mentality with Terry Davis 05/12/2017
005 Investigative Reporter Finds God with Mike Wendland 05/07/2017
004 How to Connect with God through Visual Arts with Priscilla Williams 04/28/2017
003 Feeding Disorders, Dancing, and the Power of Prayer in Business with Dixie Roberts 04/21/2017
002 How Child Abuse Prepared Me for My Life Purpose with Suzette Wynder Bendt 04/08/2017
001 How to Stay Connected to God in a Busy Business World with Christa Trantham 04/08/2017
000 Welcome to the God and Business Today Podcast 04/08/2017