018: Sanctified Ambition and How We Can Be Motivated By What Really Matters with Author Arvell Craig

Arvell Craig
Arvell Craig unofficially began his start in business at the age of 9, cutting “fades and fro’s” for neighbors, family and friends in Detroit, Michigan. This continued throughout elementary, high school and college. While still an undergraduate, he eventually laid down the clippers to take up slicing Photoshop files to build  websites and marketing material for small businesses.
Officially, Arvell has worked the past 16 years as a digital marketer and entrepreneur. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Western Michigan University and a Masters of Divinity from Oral Roberts University. He presently lives in Phoenix as a marketing coach, speaker and consultant.
He’s also a husband, father, author, marathoner and closet poet.
In 2015, Arvell published his first book, Sanctified Ambition: 6 Uncommon Lessons on Seeing and Sensing God Though Success and Failure. Learn more at www.ArvellCraig.com.

What We Cover in This Episode:

  • How seasons trump calling when it comes to fulfilling your purpose.
  • The two types of life purpose and why we should prioritize divine purpose over individual purpose.
  • The importance of understanding the failure will happen even to the most righteous of people and how “normalizing failure” can be a key to success.
  • How we put limits on God and why we should stop.
  • How living with ambiguities–in our lives and in the lives and behavior of others–can help us progress more quickly.
  • What sanctified ambition means and how to make our motives more holy.

Resources Mentioned:

Your One Degree life purpose training program:  https://www.youronedegree.com/

Arvell Craig’s book Sanctified Ambition: 6 Uncommon Lessons on Seeing and Sensing God Through Success or Failure: https://arvellcraig.com/books/

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