014: Healing Music Mends Our Brokenness with Singer-Songwriter Kathi Wilson

healing music

Kathi Wilson is a psalmist and songwriter who prayed for the gift of healing music. Her music is known for its healing effect on the mind, body and spirit. Drawn from the well of her own pain and suffering, Kathi’s music lifts up prayers to God and reminds us of His love for and commitment to us. Her music and work ministers to the brokenness in all of us. Join our conversation to discover more about the force of creation that drives this remarkable and talented woman. Learn more at https://kathi-wilson.com/.

What You’ll Learn About Healing Music:


  • How God is attracted to brokenness and why we don’t have to perform to earn His love.
  • Why Kathi Wilson asked the Lord to give her songs of healing.
  • The role of ego in doing the Lord’s work.
  • What people say about her music’s healing effects.
  • Why she believes that “we humans are all broken.”
  • How her perspective of “brokenness” informs and affects her songwriting.
  • The importance of authenticity with ourselves and one another in the healing process.
  • How Kathi’s life experience prepared her to create and share healing music.
  • How God so often inspires our greatest creations in service of our own greatest needs.
  • Five ways we can use healing music in our lives.
  • Kathi’s one piece of advice for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to invite God into the process.

Resources Mentioned:


  • Kathi’s new song “Painter of the Heavens”: https://kathi-wilson.com/kathis-music/newly-released-singles/
  • The song she sang for her husband:
  • From Tony Stoltzfus’ book Christian Life Coaching. Chapter 2, “The On-Purpose Life”:
  • “Another practical way to live toward heaven is to choose a quality of God’s heart you are drawn to model. Then rearrange your life and work to display that facet of the heart of God in a way so other-worldly that it has the scent of the eternal….[I]nstead of doing something for Christ, the focus is on being like Him. In fact, the heart of your call to embody one unique aspect of Christ’s heart and reflect it to the world.” (p. 34)


Where to Find Kathi Wilson Online:


Learn more about Kathi’s healing music at: https://kathi-wilson.com/

Purchase music singles and CDS here:  https://kathi-wilson.com/shop/

Special Offer:  Let Kathi know you enjoyed the interview via her contact form and she’ll send you a code to download a song for FREE!  https://kathi-wilson.com/contact/


Where to Find Kathi Wilson Offline:


Phone:  717-203-1688

Mail:   PO Box 34, Brandamore, PA 19316


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