013: The Divine Calling of Coaching – How to Do What You Are and Live Your Purpose with Dr. Anita Schamber


Dr. Anita Schamber’s coaching career began more than 20 years ago with World Vision International. Anita has coached organizational, training and coaching leaders from 22 different countries on four continents. She holds a doctoral degree from Vanderbilt University, a master’s degree in counseling from the University of Illinois and is a Commissioned Minister for Volunteers of the Northern Rockies. She is also an instructor at the Institute for Life Coach Training.

Anita’s current focus in coaching is on working with women in the third-third of life to turn “retirement” into “refirement.” She is married to KR, a retired PGA golf pro. They have a blended family of six adult children, 12 grandchildren, and at least two dogs.

What You Will Learn About Coaching:


  • What coaching really is.
  • The difference between coaching, consulting and counseling.
  • How coaching can help you “do what you are” and align your life plans with God’s plan for you.
  • Why coaching works when talking to friends, family and colleagues does not.
  • The role of coaching in performance management.
  • The different types of coaching available today (i.e., executive, business, pastoral, life, wellness, career, college prep, women in mid-life, calling/purpose and many other types of coaching).
  • Accreditation organizations for certification and the difference training and certification can make in your experience of coaching as a client.
  • Specific courses, tools and books that can help you discover and live your purpose.
  • What coaching for spiritual development is and how you might benefit from it.
  • How the Holy Spirit participates in the coaching practice including examples of what that might look like.
  • Why the societal statement “you can do anything you want to do” is not true.
  • Where to take courses to develop your own coaching skills.
  • How the experience of “deep listening” is missing from the faith experience and how to fix that problem.
  • How you, your business and employees might benefit from coaching.
  • The difference between praying and giving God a to-do list and praying to align your will with His (AKA the redesigning of faith to fit us).

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