001: How to Stay Connected to God in a Busy Business World with Christa Trantham

Christa Trantham is a business and marketing coach and is business manager at Coach Blueprint, TexInspect, and the Millionaire Inspector Community in North Richland Hills, Texas. She has been key in the development of multiple million dollar home inspection firms and other businesses and regularly involves God in all her business practices. She is also co-author of the book Success Secrets to Live By.

In this episode, Christa reveals the importance of connecting with God daily using visual, auditory and kinesthetic methods for doing so. She connects with God by listening to Daily Proverbs podcasts, listening to soaking music, and viewing God-centered art. Christa also shares a terrific story about learning to listen to God’s messages for her through her daily Bible study. (Actually, she doesn’t listen the first time and then learns that God had everything all taken care of right from the start!) You can check out all the resources she mentions below.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Specific ways to re-connect with God using all your senses.
  • How daily “quiet time” can keep you on track.
  • Ways to use several resources (mentioned below) to supply ongoing inspiration.
  • How to pray using the P.A.T.H. method.
  • How to find answers to business questions in the scriptures.

Resources Mentioned:

Paintings by Priscilla Williams – www.glorygazing.com

Soaking Music in general – www.soakingworship.net

Soaking Music by Kathi Wilson –

Daily Proverbs

Coach Blueprint – www.coachblueprint.com

Christa’s Book on Amazon – Success Secrets to Live By

Learn More About Christa Trantham:

Millionaire Inspector Community – http://millionaireinspectorcommunity.com/about/

On LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/christa-trantham-aba1b772/

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