019: How to Receive Revelation for Your Business with Mechanical Engineer Ron Derrick

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Ron Derrick is the principal engineer, designer and consultant at Derrick Mechanical, a mechanical engineering firm specializing in metals mining, energy, industrial materials, heavy manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and other industrial support services. Ron lives in Arizona with Andrea, his wife of 25 years and they are the parents of seven children.

What We’ll Cover:

  • The type of engineering Ron specializes in and how he went from being an employee to a one-man consulting, design and implementation firm.
  • Dispelling the myth that scientists like engineers are less believing or religious than others.
  • The role inspiration played in the process of starting his business.
  • The process Ron used for putting together a business plan and the importance of writing in that process.
  • The pattern of the Doctrine of Christ: faith, repentance, making covenants and receiving the Holy Ghost.
  • The process of covenants and “binding ourselves to act” by making and keeping promises to God.
  • How we can practice creating things (tasks, projects, our day, etc.) spiritually before we move forward and create m in actuality.
  • How and why effective prayer means real communication with Heavenly Father.
  • What it’s like to truly hear the Spirit inspiring your thoughts and action.
  • The relationship between decision making and “binding ourselves to act”.
  • How Ron prayed for help with a challenging client project and was led to solve a previously unsolvable mechanical plate structure problem.
  • How to fast to learn from what has happened in the past rather than for something we want to happen in the future.
  • How we will still experience challenges even when we are worthy and that challenges do not mean we are out of favor with God.
  • How Ron uses journaling to aid in the revelatory process and to see the hand of God in his life and in his business.
  • What evidence you can look for that indicates the Holy Ghost is active in your life and in your business.
  • Why it’s important to act on the first prompting from the Holy Ghost and how to recognize those promptings when you receive them.
  • How to ask and answer the question each day, “How am I going to exercise my faith?”
  • The spiritual practices that keep the Holy Ghost active in our lives.
  • What the revelatory process looks like:  confusion, questions, studying/pondering, conclusions, decide, make an attempt, then there is light.
  • How we become what the Lord wants us to be.



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