God and Business Today Host and Founder Tami Call is an author, entrepreneur, business educator, marketing consultant, life coach, Christian and firm believer in fulfilling your life purpose. She calls herself a "strength finder" and is dedicated to helping purpose-driven business people everywhere achieve their highest and best purpose in life and in business.

Tami has worked with businesses of all sizes from corporations to individual entrepreneurs. Current and former clients include Infusionsoft, the American Management Association, the Ken Blanchard Company, and the Covey Leadership Center. Tami is also officially endorsed by direct marketing guru Dan Kennedy and is on Dan’s "short list" of recommended copywriters.

Tami is the author of 21 Ways to Build Your Business with Email Marketing, 10 Steps to Publishing Your Book with Information Distributors, and a contributor to the book Dare to Be a Difference Maker 2. She is the creator of Breakthrough to Brilliance, a coaching program designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners make the leap from being unseen, unheard and unnoticed to letting their light shine.

Experience in email marketing, seminar design, book publishing, life coaching, religious education, copywriting, direct response marketing, and on- and offline training development give Tami a unique perspective that helps her clients move their businesses forward faster while bringing them into closer harmony with their talents and life purpose.

Tami currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona and is happily married to Eric, her husband of 19 years. They are the proud parents of three children and a cat named Scooby. You can most often find them bouncing on the trampoline or walking around their neighborhood lake looking for ducks, turtles and fish.