017: Embrace Your Inner Millionaire with OverFlow Coach Monique Caradine

inner millionaire

Monique Caradine-Kitchens, author of How to Embrace Your Inner Millionaire: 8 Simple Steps You Can Take RIGHT NOW That Will Put You on the Path to Abundance, is known as the OverFlow Coach. She helps women fix their relationship with money so they can stop worrying about it, stressing over it, and chasing after it. She’s helped hundreds of women develop a foundation for lasting wealth through her step-by-step coaching programs and workshops. Learn more at www.MyInnerMillionaire.com.

What we talk about:

What hurricane Irma did to her backyard when it went through Puerto Rico.

Finding your purpose through trials and struggles, and how your relationship with God is at the heart of it all.

Figuring out who you’re here to work with. First, who do you get excited about working with? Second, who keeps asking for your help? Third, what are the areas of need that I see out in the marketplace? Last, what is the really difference that I can make?

The lies about money we tend to believe and where they come from.

Typical fears that people have around money.

How father relationships impact our views of money and God.

What it looks like when God is your source versus having money as your source.

Questions you can ask yourself to connect with God:  Who or what is your source? Are you happy? Are you comfortable with the size of your gift? Are you comfortable sharing that gift?

The power of forgiveness in tearing down barriers and obstacles in your life and what forgiveness has to do with God trusting us with more.

Why Monique pays tithing fully and faithfully every time because of a very specific experience with giving.


Resources Mentioned:

Publicity Profit Secrets course at www.PublicityProfitSecrets.com with a special DISCOUNT CODE for GABT listeners = GODANDBIZ

www.MyInnerMillionaire.com – Leave name and email address to get first couple chapters of the book for free.

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