015: Aligning Your Faith, Finances and Purpose with Financial Deliverance Coach Stephen De Silva

Stephen began his career in 1985 as a certified public accountant, where he excelled in auditing, tax preparation, and peer review compliance services. In 1995, Stephen formed his own professional corporation serving non-profit, pastoral, and itinerant ministries and organizations. In the same year, he joined Bethel Church of Redding to serve as chief financial officer and member of their senior leadership team.

After two decades of learning and growing, Stephen has transitioned to create and teach full-time on the subjects of money and the prosperous soul. With a unique blend of experience, humor, and creativity, Stephen offers the Body of Christ a fresh, Holy Spirit-inspired perspective with his biblically based financial insights. Stephen is based in Redding, California, with the wife of his youth, Dawna De Silva, founder and co-leader of the international healing and deliverance ministry Bethel Sozo International.  Learn more at http://stephenkdesilva.com/

What We Cover in this Episode:

  • What “financial deliverance” means and what it looks like in real life.
  • How our internal conflicts about money create an “engine of anxiety” and how financial deliverance resolves the problem.
  • How to use one of Stephen’s tools called The Purpose Train to identify your divine identity, purpose and vision so that you have an engine to pull your strategies and tactics that will achieve that vision and purpose.
  • How to build your own Purpose Train.
  • What Financial Sozo is and how it can mend our broken view of God that may have resulted from negative experiences with fathers or other authority figures.
  • What a “poverty mentality” looks like and what we can do about it.
  • The role of metaphor in scripture and the Sozo process and its value in helping us see ourselves in a new way.
  • How Stephen was called to begin a financial deliverance ministry.
  • What it means to be able to “develop the capacity to carry wealth” and how you can build that capacity for yourself.
  • How the Prosperity Doctrine has harmed a lot of people’s beliefs about God, about the Church and about money.
  • The importance of the men and women of God being willing to serve in places of power and authority.
  • How being in personal bondage to debt and false beliefs keeps us from doing the Lord’s work.
  • An overview of all the tools available to help you align your faith, finances and purpose.


Tools and Resources Mentioned:


Books Mentioned:

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Money and the Prosperous Soul – on Amazon

Self-Study Manual on the Prosperous Soul


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