Guest Experts

Tami Call

Tami Call is the voice for entrepreneurs, experts and professionals who refuse to separate their livelihood from their passions and purpose. She has navigated the transition from working for money and prestige to building a business founded on her gifts, talents, passions and life purpose. Over the past 15 years, Tami has created public seminars and online courses and has written marketing copy for companies like Infusionsoft, the American Management Association, The Ken Blanchard Company and Wellness Business Owners World Summit . She is the author of 21 Ways to Build Your Business with Email Marketing, 10 Steps to Publishing Your Book with Information Distributors, and a contributor to the book Dare to Be a Difference Maker 2.

She holds an MBA from Brigham Young University and is a Board Certified Coach candidate who loves coaching others on all aspects of life purpose and business alignment. Her 7 Steps to Brilliance coaching program is designed to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, speakers, authors and trainers transform their businesses so they can make the leap from being unseen, unheard and unnoticed to letting their light shine. Learn more at

Michelle Prince

Michelle Prince is the Best-Selling Author of the book “Winning in Life Now…How to Break Through to a Happier You!” She has been endorsed by and worked for some of the most influential, successful motivational teachers and authors in the industry, including Zig Ziglar.

Aside from being an author, Michelle is a sought after motivational speaker, one-on-one mentor and radio show host on the “Winning In Life Now Radio Show&rdquo. She owns her own company, Prince Performance Group as well as her own publishing company, Performance Publishing.

Michelle is a Zig Ziglar Motivational Speaker and shares her talent across the country representing the Ziglar organization. She has hosted Ziglar’s Success 2.0 LIVE webcasts and has been featured on SIRIUS Satellite Radio as well as several syndicated radio shows around the country. Learn more at

Dallas Teague-Snider

Dallas Teague-Snider, America’s Impression Engineer is a keynote speaker, author and media personality. She is the founder of Make Your Best Impression, a professional training and development organization offering keynotes, seminars, workshops and personal one-on-one coaching. The survival skills she has learned have positioned her to be a leader in the business community with a continuing desire to help others overcome their past and look forward to their future by finding their inner F.R.O.G.™

F – Forgiveness: Release the guilt. It’s not your fault.
R – Receive: You are not alone. Find support groups and alliances.
O – Overcome:You can break the patterns of codependency.
G – God: Grow in your relationship with the only One who can bring a peace beyond

Her passion is to share her message of inspiration and hope to those that are hopeless. We can have joy in this life. To order your personal copy of her new memoir Finding Dallas, A Spiritual Journey Through Childhood Abuse to the Glory of God’s Plan about her personal story of overcoming the bondage of abuse, visit

Dallas launched Jesus Knocking, a weekly devotional blog in 2013.  The goal is to provide a resource for personal, professional and spiritual growth.  With a passion to help others as an executive and life coach, the Lord inspired Dallas to launch a place where we can celebrate our journey together. We are body, mind and spirit- let’s Find Our Inner FROG and claim our place in the kingdom.

Most recently, Dallas was crowned Ms. Alabama America 2013 by the Ms. America® Pageant. Her platform, Wearing a Crown for Christ, has attracted national media attention and has provided her the opportunity to take a stand for Christians everywhere. To learn more about Dallas, visit